© 2018 Crafted by Adi Benjo.



Responsive e-commerce design for SONY  colorful extra bass speaker. The target audience was cool teenagers, who listen to music while skating, traveling or just hanging out with friends.




SONY's main value, at their EXTRA BASS series, is fun. With this in mind, I tried to evoke the feeling of good vibes by choosing to show this upbeat video. The element of motion reflected in several places in the design – also in the 'Hero Image'.


On the product page, content is king. My aim was to make the designed components easy to find and use, but subtle enough to let the products on the site stand out.


Each product is placed over a solid background sampled from the main color of the product.


I used simple and clear icons to help the users make the most out off the product page. The roundness of the icons inspired by the shape of the speaker.



UX design by Create school