© 2018 Crafted by Adi Benjo.



A concept design for a city touring app. Where users can discover, by local guides, a variety of must-see places around the city and where are the best shops "by the way".


The target audience of the app is young, spontaneous, easy going people who're looking for quality local experiences. Therefore, I decided to work with
big bold san-serif typography, B&W with one bold color and cool doodles. The black logo strips were inspired by the city's crossroads and the name I picked implies the uniqueness of the app above other.


I wanted to break some of the conventions about chat bulb without compromising on their clarity, and so I tilted them a bit for a funkier style.


Main headlines and relevant content were highlighted with black tilt strips to give a more dynamic feeling and to bring out the important details for the user.  



UX design by Marina Talias

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