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Inspired by the colorful posters of Bollywood films I created the Bollymood logo. I used a combination of bold colors and dramatic 3D typography.


From handheld to desktop, the Bollymood website is optimized for any screen the user will choose to use.


Bollymood system learns the user habits, preferences and his network recommendations. They customize their content for any individual for a better experience.


The challenge was to design data components that will reflect the Bollywood design graphic language, which is energetic and intense, but still keep it simple to use.


The inspiration for designing this site mostly came from the Bollywood movie posters. But I used also Hindu elements for details - such as the tika.


Bollymood is a collaborative website, so I made sure that the experience of sharing recommendations between friends will be intuitive and pleasant.


The media categories tags are designed to be easy on the eyes, and flexible when it comes to different types of content.


A place for everything, and everything in its place. With an effective classification system and bold visualization, channel surfing becomes a breeze.


I wanted to evoke the sensation people got when they go to the theatre or to see a movie. So I took the iconic bulb frame to increase the indication experience.



UX design by Create school

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